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New Zealand - An Offshore Jurisdiction?

New Zealand is an English speaking common law jurisdiction with well developed professional infrastructure, a member of OECD and FATF and not considered in the northern hemisphere as a tax haven.

A New Zealand offshore trust is a fully compliant tax elimination structure from a reputable country for a low price. Click here to see a price guide.

Compared to trusts structured in other countries, in our view, what makes the New Zealand trust superior are the features that follow.

Under New Zealand tax law if you have:
  •  An overseas resident settlor
  •  A New Zealand trustee
  •  Income from foreign sources
  •  Beneficiaries resident overseas

Then the following benefits are retained:

  •  No taxes are paid in New Zealand
  •  No tax reporting is required in New Zealand
  •  No disclosure is made of the existence of the trust
  •  No disclosure of your involvement
  •  No registration or filing of the trust is required in New Zealand
  •  A privately owned and controlled company may act as trustee
Neither directors nor shareholders need be NZ resident. Company meetings can take place anywhere in the world.

Tax Free New Zealand - Detailed Information

To see an explanation of how a New Zealand offshore trust can be used as a tax elimination structure click here. You will need to get acrobat reader to view this PDF document. Please be patient if you have a slow Internet connection.

For an even more detailed explanation, please see this article written by Professor John Prebble, a leading authority on international tax planning and a professor in the faculty of law at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Professor John Prebble is not associated with Designer Asset Management.

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