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SKI-SOL PV Module solar panel range


Capacity: 500kWh ~ 3MWh

Duration: 15 Minutes ~ 4+ Hours

System efficiency: (AC ~ AC): ~ 88 %

Response time: Fast Sub-second

Ask us for a quote about the energy storage solution that’s right for your project.


Airports, Supermarkets, Universities, Schools, Stadiums. 

SKI-SOL can arrange for the complete design and build of solar canopy car parking to harness the convenient but unused sun power locations. Parking lots become multiple purpose facilities by providing efficient renewable energy, shade for parked cars, shelter from adverse weather, as well as conveniently located fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Ask us for a quote to build your high performance electricity generating carpark.

Bespoke Solutions

We have the personal to provide quotes based on your particular requirements. Our experienced commercial and industrial team will make professional assessments to insure every detail is considered. No job is too big or too small.

OEM Branding

Want your own brand out there? Be exclusive. We can produce to order and include your own brand on the equipment you install. Ensure your brand will live on and do future marketing for you. Ask us how you can sell your own branded products.

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After sales service

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