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Our team of highly qualified professionals bring their expertise and experience together for the benefit of clients. DESIGNER ASSET SOLUTIONS brings together expertise and experience from our consultants conveniently located around the world.

DESIGNER ASSET SOLUTIONS is focussed on structuring Government Organisations (NGO’s), Private Foundations, Religious Organisations, Crypto-Corporations, Limited Partnerships (LP’s), Private Trusts, International Business Corporations (IBC’s), and other Not for Profit (Non-Profit) entities. Established in 1998, our international boutique consultancy services work closely with you to deliver bespoke innovative charitable and asset protection solutions.

We provide strong, reliable, affordable, private solutions all around the world while becoming a driving force for good. Our international consultancy services division can work closely with you to design bespoke and creative solutions for all your charitable, religious, philanthropic projects.


If you want to create and build wealth, leave a legacy while retaining privacy, then a Designer Private Humanitarian Foundation could be just the right protection vehicle for you and those you care about. Because all entities are not created equal, let us guide you design a secure structure to meet your specific requirements.

In order to best serve your asset protection needs, we offer complete solutions and entities from a range of jurisdictions. A combination of entities in specially selected first-class countries will provide the ultimate in bulletproof asset protection. Our aim is to preserve your assets privately and securely from all potential threats.

The DESIGNER ASSET SOLUTIONS products and services are specifically designed to achieve your objectives and for a limited time you can save with a special online offer. Our professional knowledge and experience allow us to answer your questions and assist you to establish a private and secure Private Humanitarian Foundation structure that best suits your needs.

We offer a range of products that have been designed for simple operation and work alongside existing solutions.


We believe that all people are born with inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. Among other rights, the right to worship—or not worship—God in the manner one chooses.

We seek to empower like-minded people with the tools to remedy and prevent maltreatment of children through advancing public health and welfare services worldwide through educational initiatives that deliver the knowledge and expertise necessary to inform and enlighten all people.  Ultimately, our collective efforts show how the global landscape can benefit when children, our most vulnerable citizens, can grow up free from harm and neglect. Protecting one another is essential for the future health of the planet.

The keys to unlocking a better future lie in education, innovation, improved efficiencies, and sound money. Being able to save, protect and build wealth is key to each of these.

At DESIGNER ASSET SOLUTIONS we try to imagine what the world will look like fifty years from now. We are committed to being facilitators of change and are excited to work with partners around the globe towards a better future by bringing to market the best possible solutions.


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