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Are you looking for reliable information about Asset Protection, IBC's or Offshore Trusts?

If you want to create and build wealth while retaining privacy, then a New Zealand trust could be just the right asset protection vehicle for you. Because all trusts are not created equal, let us guide you design a secure trust to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to New Zealand, and in order to best serve your asset protection needs, we offer complete solutions and entities from a range of jurisdictions. A combination of entities in specially selected first class countries will provide the ultimate in bullet proof asset protection. Our aim is to preserve your assets privately and securely from all potential threats.

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Introduction to offshore trusts and strong asset protection

Discover the secrets of building and preserving wealth for future generations. The gurus all agree; wealthy people control great wealth, they do not own it. People choose a New Zealand offshore trust for strong asset protection and the well documented tax benefits.

What is a trust? To find out click here.

The Designer Asset Management products and services are specifically designed to achieve your objectives and for a limited time you can save with this special online offer. Our professional knowledge and experience allows us to answer your questions and assist you to establish a private and secure New Zealand offshore corporate structure that best suits your needs.

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New Zealand Overview

A New Zealand offshore trust is a tax elimination structure that avoids the harsh glare of traditional tax haven countries such as the Bahamas, Vanuatu and many countries on the OECD black list of tax havens. Discover the world of possibilities that open up with the little known but incredibly powerful and effective New Zealand based structure. With a Designer New Zealand offshore trust you can plan for generations to come and have the comfort of knowing your assets are held securely in a stable country that has genuine respect for law.

How will a New Zealand offshore trust protect my assets? To find out click here.

By structuring with a New Zealand offshore trust there is no tax payable in New Zealand on income earned from foreign sources to either charitable or non-resident beneficiaries.

To find out how the New Zealand offshore trust works click here.

Read through these FAQ's and if you still have questions, please Contact Us for more information. We are happy to answer your questions.

We can also assist you with your offshore private banking requirements.

Structuring will normally be completed within 5 to 8 working days after receipt of payment.

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